Research and Application

We conduct basic and applied research to advance knowledge, solve problems of illness and disease, and improve human health, vitality, and life. We conduct our research and apply our new knowledge in highly specific cultural and clinical contexts, and for the whole of humanity.

Education and Training

Through various forums (symposia, seminars, workshops), we provide specialized training and education for health professionals, educators, and community members. Through short and long-term education and training, participants learn new knowledge and skills to improve their health, remedy illness and disease, and better care for people in their communities.


A key area of our work is to disseminate new knowledge. We approach this through three channels:

  1. Established academic publishing venues (journals,
        edited volumes, monographs, and online)
  2. Our flagship journal: International Journal of Medical
  3. Community outreach, education and training

Current Projects

  • Children, Autism and Music: Improving and transforming the lives of children and their families through an innovative medical ethnomusicology program. Based on a successful program established at Florida State University that universally improved the lives of participants, this program employs new methods from medical ethnomusicology and autism research to benefit participants in China.
  • TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine in East-West Discourse. TCM is experiencing great transformations in China and the West. This project explores the positive and negative changes in contemporary practice across China and the West to preserve the best of traditional Chinese culture in TCM and support its further development.
  • Basic research into Chinese fossils of teeth to determine growth characteristics, phenotypic traits, study the impact of external factors and internal genetic and environmental traits on human physiology and pathology, and other phenotypic characteristics.