International Center for Medical Anthropology
Xiamen University

Research, Discovery, and Application…
 to improve human health, life, and social wellbeing


We are an international, interdisciplinary team of researchers, scholars, and practitioners devoted to conducting research from an integrative and holistic perspective to provide better solutions to local and global health problems. 

Meet The Team

Benjamin D. Koen, Ph.D. International Director
孔青山, 博士, 特聘 教授,

Distinguished Professor-Medical Ethnomusicology and Medical Anthropology Xiamen University

Zhang Xianqing, Ph.D.
China Director
张先清, 博士, 教授 

Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University

Yang Jintao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
杨晋涛, 博士

Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University

Song Lei Ming, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
宋雷鸣, 博士

Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University

Hu Rong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
胡 荣, 博士

Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University

Qian Lin Chao, M.S.
Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical College, Xiamen University

Ma Yonghui, Ph.D.

Medicine College, Xiamen University

Jing Jun, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology
景 军,博⼠士,特聘 教授

Department of Sociology, Tsinghua University


In addition to our Current Projects, which fall under certain of the initiatives below,
we have established twelve key areas of focus.

Public Health

Exercise and Nutrition

Healthy Person: Solving Obesity

Healthy Person: Resolving Stress

Mental and Behavioral Health


Holistic Wellness Education & Training

Medical Ethnomusicology: Music and the Expressive Arts

Gene, Disease, and Germ Dynamics

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Sexual Health Education


International Symposium on Medical Anthropology (June 2017)
Local and International Team
International Database Project
Main Lab in Xiamen University Xiang’an Campus
Autism World Music Room
Secondary Lab Xiamen University Main Campus


Numerous individuals and programs at Xiamen University,
including those in the:

College of Medicine
School of Public Health
Social Science Department
Program in Traditional Chinese Medicine


We welcome your participation, collaboration, and support to improve human health, life, and social wellbeing.